Purchase of a pup

If you are considering buying a puppy, it is very wise to quietly let all the arguments pass by in the idea of a dog in the house!

For some people it is better to decide not to take a dog, this is always better than later to bring a dog back to the breeder or to an asylum.

Keeping a dog, also such a very affectionate puppy has disadvantages. In the puppy and young dog phase they ask a lot of attention, they have to be very often exuberant in order to become housebroken, even if it is raining, blowing and/or slippery, but also if it is 32 degrees outside and you prefer to stay in the garden, you will have to walk with it anyway.

And what about your immaculate floor covering when the puppy with muddy legs and sand enters his coat or your beautiful furniture, a puppy doesn’t see the difference between an old piece of cloth and your beautiful Persian carpet, nor does it see any difference between your beautiful leather smoke chair and your regular kitchen chair? What about the hairs in your home? Even though you are still so clean and you clean the whole house every day, you will find them everywhere!

Whether you want to go out and come with your black jersey suit or dress in the room and the dog greets you very enthusiastically and only walks past you, you are under the hairs. Dogs harden about 2 times a year, but also in between they lose hair. Think about that even more carefully!

Don’t buy a puppy if you think you can raise him outside in a kennel. A Golden Retriever is a dog who likes to be in your company. Staying for short periods in a kennel can’t hurt a Golden Retriever, but a permanent stay in a kennel will frustrate the pup and make him dead unhappy. If that is not the case, you should not take a Golden Retriever in such a case. A dog also means that there must always be someone to give him his food, to let him out at regular intervals, a dog just like a small child needs regular. That keeps him mentally and physically healthy.

And what if you work, a half day (4 hours) will not cause any problems for an older dog, but in a puppy you will have to teach him alone. And certainly in the early stages, if you have the puppy just at home, that will give you a lot of regulation.

And what to do with the vacations, bring along or go to a pet board, or at best with a family member or acquaintance. Holidays in a warm and sunny country are far too hot for a dog, no the dog prefers long walks and hikes in a cooler environment. A campsite or bungalow park usually has no objection if you bring 1 dog, but if you are used to going to a hotel, you will have to find one that allows dogs. And if the dog can’t come along, then there starts a search for a good boarding board, you don’t want to leave dog just at the first best?  To this must be added the costs of accommodation, health declarations, dog passports, special vaccinations against rabies and kennel cough, etc., etc.

And your beautiful garden, if you don’t have the space or if you don’t have a piece of land for the dog, then he will help you with gardening, repotting plants, digging a hole fixed for a new plant and a nice round swimming in the pond, mmm that is also nice and after that wonderful game nice dirty and wet again inside over your pristine floor covering or your beautiful cloth couch. Of course it is true that a garden and having a dog doesn’t have to give any problems, but certainly in the beginning this will ask quite a lot of organizational talent from you.

And then walking the dog, in many towns and villages you are obliged to clean up your dog’s stools, which always means a plastic bag of sandwich bag in your pocket to clean up the stools. There is also a ban in many villages and towns, this means that you can only let the dog walk freely at exhaust points and unloading areas, many of these areas are often not close to the door, so that means by car.

And then your car, dirty and muddy your dog comes back from the walk, because a real Golden Retriever is occasionally crazy about a mud bath, in the sedan on the back seat? Many dog lovers therefore have a station car, because a real fan drives some miles to go to a suitable exhaust point!

And of course if you have a puppy, you will go to a (puppy) course every week from the local cynology club or the GBO (Golden Basic Education). Because a Golden Retriever is not born obediently, you will have to teach him that. Even if it rains, freezes or is hot! But also if you don’t feel very comfortable!

And what if you grow older and show signs of old age, do you think that you are able to take care of him up to his end in good conscience?

Okay, if you think after a few of these reflections, no, that’s not for me, don’t buy a Golden Retriever ………………do u say, no problem at all…………………………….Then contact the Breed Association, sign up as a member and get your light on with bona fide breeders and don’t let yourself be seduced by the tempting ads in your newspaper, sometimes with special offers such as:”Not good, money back”! or “if it isn’t good, you can come and exchange it”!


Source: www.goldenretrieverfokkers.nl