Male or Bitch

Many people who come to a breeder already know exactly what they want. But there are also those who cannot make the choice. On this page I try to list some arguments.

A male dog is said to want to pee against anything, but that is up to you. Learn him from an early age that you decide where he is allowed to pee. A bitch also wants to pee more often than once, especially if she is almost or loops, also here, learn to pee her up on command from the beginning. Is always easy, imagine you are in a hurry and want the dog quickly a pee to do!

A bitch becomes in heat, does not have a menopause, the season lasts 3 weeks, so she is in heat her whole life long every 6-10 months. The first time between 6 and 13 months. Some bitches have some problems with this, sometimes a bit moody. Some bitches are also seemingly pregnant after the beginning. During the loopship, it is best to let a bitch run out on a leash, after a day or 14 if the bleeding is almost stopped, it is covered, but sometimes it is already 8 days old, and wants to be mated by every dog she encounters, there are also bitches that go off if they get the chance. Even for a male dog it is not easy if there are walking bitches nearby. When he gets one in his nose he wants to go there, sometimes he is a bit squeaky at home, restless and has less appetite. Be aware that this is possible all year round if you live in a neighborhood where many dogs are.

A male is sometimes a bit more dominant than a bitch. When he meets another male, the tail goes into the air and starts to rotate around each other, and sometimes when two males are of equal rank this can result in a battle. Bitches also fight sometimes and they fight a lot more. In order to prevent a fight, a boss must stand firm in his shoes!

There is also a difference in size. According to the standard, the height at the withers of a male dog is 56-61 cm and the height at the withers of a bitch is 51-56 cm. A male is not only taller but often a bit coarser.

If you are not sure of a male or bitch, ask the breeder to advise you. He knows his puppy best and knows what the character of the puppies is. One is a bit more dominant, the other a little calmer. Some breeders have a puppy test done at the age of 6-7 weeks and place the puppies based on the results of the puppy test. But most of the time you will have to decide a male or bitch sooner.