Today our dear Blossom had a date with Trevor.
If everything goes well we hope to welcome puppies in January 2019.

Not planned at all, but here we proudly present to you for our new star:
Ramchaine Barbra Streisand.
Welcome dear Babs!







Today at the GRCN Clubmatch Blossom received a very nice report from the judge, with a nice (U) excellent qualification.
In addition, she has passed the shot test with good results. We are very proud!







Exciting day today.
Today the ED and HD were investigations.
A glass can be drunk because Blossom has excellent results with HD A and ED free!

Today Blossom has been tested on the eyes.
Fortunately, the eyes are free of abnormalities!

Hoera Blossom became 1 year.
Now it is time to schedule the health tests.

Very proud of our Blossom!
At GRCN Championship clubmatch Blossom became 2nd in the baby class with a beautiful report from the Judge!


Relaxing in southern France!


Hup, Into the Water
After the 1st show experience now the 1st real water experience. It’s a real Golden, immediately right into the water and swim beautifully!


Today it was then that day. Blossom’s show debut at the dog show in Cloppenburg (DE). Blossom participated as the youngest puppy (four months old and four days old).
Blossom has done a great job with a beautiful report with a beautiful Promising! Super pride!


Lovely in the forest with Blossom was.
Of course I had to take a picture!







Our sweet little Blossom came to us on Friday 20 January 2017. She has been raised with a lot of love and care, the first 8 weeks, with Nathalie Croon and Robbert Lode of “Hidden in t he Woods” Golden Retrievers. See “Our Dogs/Blossom” for more information about her.
It is our intention to run shows with Blossom and in the future now and then to breed a litter with her.
Through this page we keep you informed of all developments concerning our Blossom.